Addis Ababa HAAB v2

Addis Ababa Ed Bole International Airport is the hub of Ethiopian Airlines and one of the most important airports in Africa. Quick shorthaul flights with the Dash 8-Q400? Fun multi-stop routes with the 737s and 787s? Longhaul overnight flights to Europe, Asia, North- and South America in the 77W and 77L? Or exotic cargo runs in the 77F? Ethiopian’s diverse fleet and extensive network provides a variety of interesting options for flight simmers to pick from. Interesting approaches and „hot & high“ operations at 7625ft (2324m) of elevation make for a destination that shouldn’t be neglected by the flight sim community.

Nonetheless, this airport has been a „blank spot“ on the FS map for quite some time, and with the massive expansions that the real airport has undergone during the last years, my old version of HAAB was even further from doing this destination justice. It was time for a V2 – and after many nights, lots of coffee and frustration, it is almost ready for release. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect:

HAAB v2 Features